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Where I can find app which takes screenshots? For N900.
The app should save the screenshots to automatically
named files (e.g. date-time or numbered).
It would be a good idea to assign the screenshot
action to the half-press of the camera button.

If this app can be coded as Python script, how
should I start coding?

Check Irfanviews capture feature for what I want.
No "save as" popups. Running at background.

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load-applet has a function of taking screenshots
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N900 has this inbuilt from the beginning - just press CTRL+SHIFT+P

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I could not find source codes of load-applet; anyone?

Anyone knows where the key combo ctrl+shift+p
is defined? I hope it can be changed to the camera button
or permanently to key which I never need.

Load-applet is too difficult to use. The camera button
should stay in screenshot mode; that would help.
Periodic screenshots would help too in some
cases; not available now.

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