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I have a issue thats been going on for a while and not sure were this is coming from. I use my N900 in a craddle in the car to give me radio, email, internet, calls etc. And for most part everything works fine, but with internet radio there are times when the music or chat will stop this being a 3G signal drop-out this I know but one of three things will then happen. It can buffer and after awhile carry on were it left off...this perfect and what id idealy like. 2nd is the internet radio locks up and i have to reboot the device as i cant then use the internet radio.. 3rd and most irritating is it buffers and then jumps to the next radio station in my list of favorites. This is not down to the open media plyer which i use as default because this issue was there before this player was bought to market. Does anyone have any idea why this happens? All i want is for the thing to buffer and carry on on the same station... Heck my mrs iphone can do it why do i have to lok so damn stupid when i have a car full and the N900 falls over in this way??

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