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OK, here are the results.

1st place - robthebold, 5 votes (Half-Life_4_Life, pichlo, chenliangchen, mosen, saponga)

Taken with Nokia N9.

2nd place - saponga, 2 votes (robthebold, juiceme)

3rd place - late 88 and pichlo, 1 vote each (hrbani, michaa62)

So congratulations to robthebold. And thanks to everyone else who participated and voted.

BTW @mosen, I'm interested in filming and photography myself so that's why I was curious about this photo.

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Originally Posted by robthebold View Post
Nice stuff, please don't be late for next month, the more the merrier here!
Thanks, OK, thank you,

Originally Posted by robthebold View Post
BTW, which one of those would have been your entry this month?
I love all of theme but I think with #3 because better photography.

Originally Posted by robthebold View Post
And where did you find the nice subjects? If you say, "my living room," though, I might just cry.
Not in "my living room", but in "my father's living room"

In reality,
#1 and #2 are in our living room (I live with my parents).
#3 was in its packing I put it on our old wooden desk and took a picture.
#4 was a Postal card.

Many of Iranians have
Handicrafts like those and more than them .

Frame is Khatam [and this in persian, more images].
Content is
Etching on copper [and this in persian, more images].

Frame is
Woodcut / Wood carving [more images].
Content is a Carpets (Pictorial carpet)
[more images] with a Islamic/Persian Calligraphy [more images] of a famous Ayah from Holy Quran.

A copper plate with
Etching on it.

A Postal Card from one of the master Farshchian miniatures (more images, his official site).

And there is a lot of others like:

I wish all people enjoy these stuff.

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