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I was using Meego and the first thing I've done was enable the gesture for closing apps with swipe down because there the ambiance drop down was just annoying.

On the other hand in the home screen it is not too bad to have it. On Symbian there was a mode switch (modes - not for profiles which was on the power button). With this many settings could be changed with one click on a button on the home screen. I used this to change between work and normal use. This was quick and simple. The ambiances seem to try the same.

It would be very useful if basic functions like media volume, wifi, bluetooth, flight mode, maybe sim-card switch for dual sim etc. could be configured for each ambiance. Going a bit further a rule based selection of shown ambiances to the point where when there is only one option left this one would be activated would be great.

I don't think having many ambiances all the time is making things easy. Even 2 or 3 might be enough and switching could be placed somewhere else (may be short cut menu) to be not too prominent for people not using this or have no need for it.

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