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Did somebody try (and succeed !) to install ubuntu touch on a N900...? Please


Rollie Tyler
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Hi Mr Rollie,
I haven't seen any attempts like that, but would love to see it. I think you will have more luck with a nexus...
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Just wondering: Why on an n900? Why not some newer hardware?
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I wish i could try it on my mb526 but even with its 1GHz arm v7 and 512 Mb ram its still too low device for it.
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Originally Posted by bozoid View Post
Just wondering: Why on an n900? Why not some newer hardware?
Well i think because we are on a website talking about maemo/meego/Sailfish.

Maybe when the Neo900 will be out, we will talk about newer hardware

By the way, it works well with Galaxy Nexus, But i didn't try the newer version!!!!
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so. Is it possible on N900?
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It apparently lags with the Meizu MX4... I wouldn't want to imagine its performance on the N900.

If you're thinking of Ubuntu Touch, it's better to just go with Android.
Hell, even version 4.0.3 would be better, let alone 5.1 Lollipop.
I'm just not sold on the idea and implementation (that plus Canonical's dirty play).

But if you're thinking Mobile Linux, I think its much better to stick with SailOS or Nemo.
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I'm flattered

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Hmmm. Well N900 doesn't meet the minimum recommended requirements. So it is no wonder it can't handle it.

System requirements for Ubuntu smartphones

Processor architecture: ARM Cortex-A9
Memory: 512 MB 1 GB
Flash storage: 48 GB eMMC + SD

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