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I'd like to welcome Nemo Mobile to tmo and start this thread for discussing UI and other aspects.

For now, the UI is being discussed on grog ( and there are some WIP in UX guidelines

I'm a little slow the last months on working on those two things but I hope I'll speed up.

Happy hacking!
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cool stuff finally Nemomobile section

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I came across a video of what seems to be the latest version of Nemo OS for our N900s

The version is 26-4-2013 and I think is the latest one..(?)
All I want to say is.. WOW... it has really gotten more and more beautifull and fast. Also more user friendly.
It totally looks like Meego Harmattan as well. The progress that has been made is phenomenal.

Way, way different (in a good way) than the 2012 versions.

It is nice to see this project progressing and ,imo, it is great news that it resembles Meego Harmattan.

It can only get better from now on.
Thank you developers for making this happen.

It is sad though that it is not properly disscussed here on TMO.
More people must see the latest versions of Nemo and more people should install it on their devices.

here is the video by the way:

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i wanna try that on my machine
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Nemo Mobile now has its Twitter channel:

The development is ramping up, mainly thanks to Jolla & Co for contributing to MW and the Mer Project !
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Wow. Yeah, it's advanced by leaps and bounds since I last tried it. Great job. Will have to try and update my installation.
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Now it can be updated just like Maemo
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Yeah ^^ this has been discused a bit in other thread

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