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Where did the "Quick Links -> New Posts" go?
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It's on the forum toolbar, on the same level as 'Quick Links'.
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Just testing the quick reply button from the 770 again. Yep, works like a charm now. Thanks Reggie.
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Thanks for the more button back. Makes it so much easier (and time convenient) with it.
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I think this is a great site filled with thoughtful and helpful people,but
I just wonder why this site doesn't leave me signed in until I sign out. Almost every time I post to the site I have to sign in again after I finish writing. Could that be changed? The less typing, the better on this tablet.

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Must be your cookie setting. Are they on? Try clearing your cookies and make sure you use the "www." in front of on its URL.

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sungrove: Also remember to tick that 'Remember me?' box before you sign in.
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