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Originally Posted by imaginaryenemy View Post
Did you make sure they were named properly? That fixed it for me.
Yeah, I found the correct one after a 2nd pass on the 15 bios files. Now can someone enligthen me as to why this happened? I had the old bios FFVII.bin with the FFVII.cue and all of a sudden it didn't work.

Also, I lost my save point as I got an error of "save didn't match with blah, blah". Luckily I just started with it or I would have a smashed N9.
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Hello guys, there is a way to load .snsg save files from DrNokSnes?
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Why super mario world hack like brutal mario doesnt work on emumaster?

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I bought my brother a Sega Genesis for Christmas (his old original one had broken way back)

To make a long story short, when my parents moved, my dad donated all of our games, systems and controllers to Goodwill...

I had a Panasonic 3DO, with a ton of games, 4 controllers, and my brother had an N64, Sega, and SNES

Pretty sad day.

Anyways, I was looking that the PS Sixaxis controller works well with the N9 and Emumaster.

Can you connect 2 controllers to the N9 so I can play on my TV? (never mind just read the Wiki)

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I don't try to connect two sixaxis.
Nice story.
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Do you know if 3rd party (not original Sony) wireless ps3 controller works as well?
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By design the 3rd party controller has to comunicate using the same protocol as an official one or the ps3 wouldn't know what to do with it -
I'd be very surprised if it didn't work.

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