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i have been unable to login to my facebook chat on my phone anymore it keeps just saying "authentication failed" if i try to re-add the account i will get the message or user name or password incorrect is there any way to fix this?
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I am getting the same problem!
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Just use chat on fMobi. It's lighter on both the battery and CPU.
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Same problem aswell...
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Same. Wouldn't be surprised if it is a problem on Facebooks end.
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Am I the only one having this problem right now? I don't usually log-in to facebook chat but now that I was supposed to use it I found that I can't log-in... anybody? Thanks!

edit: I already have libcurl3. I deleted my account on the phone thinking I can add it again but when I did it says that I have the wrong username/password... any idea? Thanks again!

edit2: Fixed my own problem. Seems like some conflict with saved passwords in MicroB (not confirmed, just a hunch because my wife borrowed my phone recently to check her facebook account). I cleared saved passwords in the browser then tried to add my facebook account and I was able to log in successfully. Hope this helps those who face similar problems.

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how about chat error display at browser n900 after install libcurl3. previusly its oke before i install that libcurl3 someone please help me whats going wrong? tks
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again facebook IM chat stop working:
user name or password incorrect
grrrrrr, any solution?
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facebook IM chat works for me excelent
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I have this problem sometimes as well, both on n900 as well as on PC (linux telepathy/kde), it seems to help to enter the password again (athough I never changed it) with or without starting with upper case first letter
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