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Hello friends.
I have recently purchased my third Nokia N900 (used).
The previous owner sent it to me without resetting and there is something I cannot figure out how to fix.

The screen is set to lit (backlight time-out) for 10 seconds.
After that it goes to dim mode and remains dimmed for approximately 20 minutes.
After that the light switches off.

I do not know how he managed to make it stay dim for 20 minutes.
I cannot find any installed application for doing that.

How can I change that to e.g. 10 seconds?

Thank you.
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more than fixing the dimness issue - reflashing a used device is always prudent. what if he installed a backdoor on that N900? (I know it's probably exaggeration, but ...)

so, reflash.

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I am not a reflash (format) guy.
Hopefully, I just found these instructions

I have installed Configuration Editor and from the menus I went to system, osso, dsm, display and changed the display_blank_timeout to 5 seconds and that's it.

Thanks anyway

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