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Originally Posted by gerbick View Post
"not for me"
But that exactly is the problem!

Imagine the unlikely case that a potential manufacturer visits this thread to gauge interest for "the best Handheld gnu/linux machine". What impression will (s)he get? A barrage of "not for me" answers. So, naturally, (s)he will turn away thinking there is no point even trying.
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Just another reason ...
So help in the CMC starting up! (Community Massacre Committee)
We need some real "go getters" to achieve a common ground for potential investors for the couple of people left here in the community when it is all over...
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Everything you need tightly explained in layman's terms an easy to understand format.. and a video walkthrough to boot.
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Originally Posted by Zeta View Post
Please don't forget that there are not 2 persons with the same needs in this thread, so the "best handheld" question will never been answered
The Plan (in December)
is to asking for poll nominations
for a poll beginning New Years Day.

The poll will ask what was the best
-delivered and used during 2017-
Handheld gnu/linux device during 2017.

The plan is to start asking for nominations
before the holiday season, of course.

this does not plan to "Answer an unanswerable Question",
it is just to shed light on what
the various of 'us' here at TMO perceive

Cheers - now back to your regular programming.
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Originally Posted by Zeta View Post
If you want very high longevity on battery, for a device that is not used for high performances graphics, but as an SSH terminal or local editor (but not for kernel compilation on device...), there are dedicated low power CPU like the SAMA5 from Atmel (now Microchip).
Interestingly, this has occoured to me too.
There are some Cortex-A5 chips out there (eg. NXP Vybrid, but SAMA5 is such a chip too) which look hacker-friendly enough to actually design a custom board (or use a compute module developed by somebody) and maybe it's even possible to create some sort of a device with it.

Would be a cool electronics project. (The Vybrid even has a QFP package IIRC, so it could even be hand-soldered.)

However, sadly I came to the conclusion that the resulting device would not be too interesting because of the very low performance of the Cortex-A5 comparted to anything you can find in a smartphone or tablet these days.

Originally Posted by Zeta View Post
It can't compete with a raspberry pi 3, and even less with a Galaxy S8, performances wise

UX: neither the Vybrid nor the SAMA5 has serious graphics acceleration. Which means you won't have a smooth GUI either, so you won't have groundbreaking UX either. (The Vybrid has OpenVG which nobody cares about, but even if they did, it wouldn't be on par with a proper GPU.)

Maybe such a piece of hardware would be suitable for something like an e-book reader and some light terminal usage, but I'm not even sure if it could render websites with acceptable speed.

Originally Posted by Zeta View Post
it would allow 26h of operating at full speed on a single standard alkaline AA battery (1.5V, 2600mAh), and months of idle time
Maybe yes, maybe no. Using an low-performance chip does not alone warrant that the device will have a low power consumption. Neither the Vybrid nor the SAMA5 is meant for this use case. Oh, and implementing power management is a bitch. And the SoC is not the only thing on board which consumes power...

Originally Posted by Zeta View Post
Freescale's imx6/7 range could be another way to do it with a more powerful chip (some have several cores, and GPU, but are still quite low power).
Yes, using a "proper" SoC (imx, omap, whatever) would more likely result in an interesting device. However looking at how the Neo900 guys struggle with it, I'd say this is not viable for a one-man or small-team electronics project.

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