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For the people with the Not enough memory in target location error, please read the N900 Updates FAQ Sticky, see Q: It says I don't have enough memory, what do I do? or do the updating via Nokia Software Update.

As for this update, can't see any noticeable changes other than its performance; it's quite snappier, actually. I dunno what they did (removed temp files/cache?), but still, thumbs up for that one.
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here is link after i type df -h
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no update for me. vodafone uk n900
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#1 uninstall un needed space eating apps in the app manager...
#2 disable repositories...
#3 type df -h in xterm... check if rootfs has enough memory.
#4 restart phone...
worked for me...
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Okay. This reflash killed my N900. I'm in a constant reboot loop after updating.

I'm now reflashing. Hope I succeed....
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Updated fine here in UK via wifi and OTA, no changes but UI is faster so im happy.
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Originally Posted by roney711 View Post
here is link after i type df -h
Hmmm, given the size of the update those 32MB should be enough... What apps from extras-devel do you have installed, as some is eating a big piece of the rootfs - I have 55MB+ of the rootfs free (and that is after the update, I didn't check how it was before) and it went smoothly (apart from couple notices during the update about `operation failed`))...
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Originally Posted by PipoXtreme View Post
help ?!
disable extra dev and extra testing repo, it will free at least 15mb of your roofts without installing any application.
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Had also those "not enough memory" - errors, 40.2 megs free on rootfs wasn't enough, but 41.9 megs was.

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Available in Denmark.
Will wait with the update.. there seems to be alot of problems.
But when updating, -devel and -testing needs to be disabled right?
Also uninstall -devel apps?

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firmware, my n900 is allergic, no soup for you!, panicky in the uk, pr1.1.1, updates r kewl, whining about whiners, yay - an update

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