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Originally Posted by wicket View Post
The only closed parts are PowerVR drivers, Wi-Fi firmware and Bluetooth firmware. The closed firmwares will work with recent mainline kernels. PowerVR is working with patches which are unlikely to ever be accepted upstream.

It really depends on what you expect from a fully functioning device. If you expect to be able to run a Linux distro for the desktop, that will mostly work. If you expect to have something like Fremantle with everything integrated, where everything works like phone calls, etc, well we're not quite there yet. That's what we're aiming for with Leste. Most of the stuff left to do is in userspace, bar the odd kernel bug.

Right now the N900 is the phone with best support in mainline Linux. If you're looking for something more modern, the Droid 4 is catching up.
Thanks. I guess I'm looking for a truly equally functioning device in regards to telephony, application support optimized with what I'd expect the N900 out of the box if it were retail.

Can't say that I was a fan of desktop Linux on the device unoptimized for the screen size. But I can fully appreciate the existence of this and Maemo Leste.

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Does maemo leste kerbel include those PowerVR patches?
And regards to the wifi; I thought it was fully open since david RE'ed the wifi drivers for injection?
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Sorry for being late to the party and side-tracking a bit by (kinda) answering the OP
Originally Posted by deutch1976 View Post
I wonder if it is any good for us
Anything done by M$ in the post-W7 era (AKA the Satya Nadella era AKA the Apocalypse of user privacy) is only good for M$ (OK, maybe their partners as well).
(I'm not saying what M$ did prior to W10 was not good for them, but now it's much worse for the users, whether they know or care about it)

So while "offering" the possibility for (not privacy-inclined/-aware) W10 users to (hopefully) easily discover *one* variation of GNU/Linux is fine, let's not forget it boils down to getting an Open OS through one hell of a black box (and then there's the privacy aspect)...

I'd rather have distros being more non-tech-savvy-friendly so we could stop hearing the typical argument "Linux is too complicated, I don't even know how to install it"...
While I don't endorse Ubuntu, the idea is worthwhile.

Rant over, sorry about that, it has to be let out now and then.

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Originally Posted by mr_pingu View Post
Does maemo leste kerbel include those PowerVR patches?
And regards to the wifi; I thought it was fully open since david RE'ed the wifi drivers for injection?
Yes, it's still WIP but the N900 kernel for Leste includes patches for PVR.

The Wi-Fi driver might be open source but the firmware is still non-free.

We're going off-topic here. Can we continue this discussion in the Leste thread?
DebiaN900 - Native Debian on the N900. Deprecated in favour of Maemo Leste.

Mobile devices with mainline Linux support - Help needed with documentation.

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