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Originally Posted by qoh View Post
I've followed the entire thread. The amount of information is overwhelming.

Could we arrange to update the wiki?

Maybe someone can post links to the exact posts that handle certain parts of the install, and we compile them together.

What comes to my mind right now:
  • what to download & where
  • how to install (in multirom; how to skip tutorial)
  • how to apply all the fixes
  • all required workarounds (like 4-finger touch)
  • how to configure undervolting (including lowest voltages known to
  • screen wake up (lpm)
  • aliendalvik
  • anything else I might have overlooked
Many thanks for the proposal, something like this was in the pipeline. There is another thread with some useful information too:-)

As we will probably switch to cm13 within the next weeks i suggest just to wait. This might result in a new thread, wiki updates etc.

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Excuse me for being blunt but could anyone explain the differences respectively advantages between cm13 and the older versions?
More stable? Faster?

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