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Originally Posted by Mau97 View Post
When there is the window of "Searching the N9" the computer didn't find the N9
Did you try a 32-bit OS as I suggested? And either Linux or if Windows, then no later than 7?

Haltux's image would probably work too. I have not tried it myself but I have no reason to assume it would not.
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Originally Posted by Halftux View Post
What you could try is to use my created live image.

- run flasher -i
- connect the switched off N9 via usb

and tell us if you get an output.
When you get no output terminate with ctrl+c.
Look with the command dmesg if some usb device was recognized.

When no device was recognized maybe your cable is broken, your N9 is broken or the usb port is not running with free linux drivers.

You could try to use another pc maybe an older one.

When you phone was recognized you can try to flash it.
However I am not responsible for anything if something unexpected happens..
I have already flash it many years ago with a computer with Windows XP (32 bit).
When I'll return to my town I'll re-use that computer to do the job and I'll post the result

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