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In case you missed this post earlier, this is another bible program
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Redshift, did I read your post correctly, that you found a way to use Laridian bibles in Rapier?

I've been a Laridian customer for years, and own NIV for both the Palm platform and Windows mobile. I installed Rapier on my N800 but have since taken it off due to the lack of the NIV.

I looked at your references but the wiki does not specifically mention the Laridian file format that I could see. Is it actually one of the ones listed by another name?

If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I would be very grateful for some fairly explicit instructions on converting the Laridian modules.

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Hi Walts,

Sorry for the very late reply, I'd sold my N810 a while back and had stopped checking the forums. In answer to your question, no, I did not convert from a Laridian Bible module into a Crosswire one.


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