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Originally Posted by zlatko View Post
Is the situation with Twitter client/plugin the same? It would be nice if one can get from notification screen to a native integrated application in one touch/swpie
No, the twitter client is native. Nicely done too.

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@beylow, @243kof
So, you, guys, bought the Jolla phone with the hope of having a fucbook feed in it?
Personally, I had not completed my pre-order before 2nd December because I wanted to see the efforts spent towards some seriously must have stuff, instead of a ridiculously pumped up social crap. I know, a random Joe will most probably use the jPhone as he uses his current "smartphone", eg. watsapp, fucbook, twiter, yutube, very rare browsing, some map search and NOTHING more. So, from this point of view, Jolla might primarily need to fulfil those "smart" requests from "smartphone" users, but it is NOT a device for the masses. There wouldn't be a single thread dedicated to this phone on TMO, if it was for the masses. Thus, Jolla and sailfish devs must draw their attention to things that really matter (I won't start a list, because it's gonna be quite long).
I ask myself, why would anyone stay on 24/7 fucbook/twiter/watsap alert?
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Well, if that's the price for FREE AI. I'm in".

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Actually I am not big on Facebook and social neteorking in general, but I thought this would be nice to have as it seemed well done. And I thought that maybe other services would be supported too, like diaspora or, which for me mean giving social networks a second chance
Terminal is another reason why I bought Jolla A friend of mine had N900 and I envied him! But I'm afraid I have to disagre"e with you - jolla IS meant to be (also) for the masses - it needs to be and I think they (Jolla) want it to be. That's why they need to have this kind of integration, if they want to succeed commercially. Personally I like the 'best of both worlds' approach they seem to have taken.

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i use twitter only this moment for jolla whatsapp for working (to let a message,because other worker cant take the phone) , and chatting some womans hrhr.... but for little secure chat i use xmpp..... fucbook? no not for me

i really hope jolla will build in file transfer on xmpp, than i say, fu whatsapp
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Originally Posted by rainisto View Post
Well feature was implemented and working nicely, but currently its commented out in the qml files.. but please don't ask why

Hopefully we will be able to re-enable the feature at some point.
Originally Posted by Morpog View Post
Are QML files accessible or in QRC?

I would still like to get this question answered...
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This is a related TJC question.

It was closed after a summer update when facebook notifications were implemented in events view but was reopened, because we want the facebook feed!
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Originally Posted by xanderx View Post
Well, that is truly sad. Maybe, you should go for BB10 handset instead?
What the ...? BB10 doesn't even have a social feed so I don't see how that would help the OP? It has a native FB app but so has SailfishOS (it's called 'Friends' in Jolla Store/Warehouse).

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