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We all prefer native apps, it is after all why we bought the Jolla in the first place, but using Android apps for core functionality on Jolla is presently a must. There are some native apps that don't quite cut the mustard yet and many more apps that may never get native versions and then there are those that haven't made it over from the N900/N9 yet for a variety of reasons.

Lets use this thread to share what Android apps we use.

Mail: I started with K9 mail but I've recently switched to the much better K-@ Mail Pro
RSS Reader: Press, Flipboard, Pulse
Podcasts: AntennaPod (uses Gpodder database), Soundcloud
Radio: BBC iPlayer Radio
Cloud Storage: ownCloud, Dropbox, Skydrive etc.
Image editing: Snapseed
Messaging: LINE
Social: Instagram, RedReader Beta(Reddit)


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I don't have many android apps but few I'm using:
Facebook - rather using that than using browser for checking FB..waiting for events feed tho :P

Youtube - video/audio is sometimes badly out of sync, sometimes not, only using randomly, mostly for listening some songs.

Firefox for browsing
Shazam for recognising songs
Tapatalk for reading forums.

Thats pretty much it. I would probably use more if I bothered installing google play, got lots of apps there.

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I don't use any
I tried the dalvik thingy just for fun and then uninstalled it.

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I installed:
- Viber
- WhatsApp
- Skype
- Spotify
- Speedtest
- and few games

I would like to install also Racechrono app, however, it does not want to install (and most likely it is not functional as it might not be able to use internal or external GPS).

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Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
I don't use any
I tried the dalvik thingy just for fun and then uninstalled it.
I just use Wechat and that's it.

I feel Android apps are so poorly written that consume so many resources of device. Perfectly defines inefficiency.

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Firefox and Spotify are at the moment essential to me. Wouldn't carry the phone with me without them.

Also using the official Wikipedia app, YLE Areena and few games occasionally.

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I have two at the moment:

Google Authenticator (I might try to write a native app for that, but I'm still at the "Getting to know the SDK"-Phase )
N800 -> N810 -> N900 -> N9 -> Jolla & TOHKBD -> Jolla C -> Xperia X F5122 (SFOS X)

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Does google plus app work on jolla?
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For me it's currently

- Spotify
- DB Navigator (I go by train often and trains are usually late in Germany)
- Amazon Kindle Reader
- Google Translator (great that it works offline, too)
Tidings - RSS and Podcast aggregator for Jolla -
Cargo Dock - file/cloud manager for Jolla -

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I've installed whatsapp, but is almost unusable for me because it has no rights to read contacts from device, then my contacts list from wathsapp is empty, I can only write messages from conversations started by others .There is any way to enable the contacts for android apps?

Also, registering with sms code didn't work, I was forced to use the voice call from WA to get and enter the verification code.

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