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I bought one of Transcend, and jolla can see it.. It come formatted to exFAT, already tried to reformat it to NTFS and ext4, but nothing help..
Both file mangers (CargoDock and File Browser) can't see it, also when I connect jolla to pc
Can someone explain me how to get it work, please ?
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Format it to FAT32. You'll need to use command line tools on Windows as the GUI will insist on exFAT. On a Mac Disk Utility will format it ok but watch the default partition options.

The partition scheme has to be the old Master Boot Record type and only one partition is supported. It should auto mount.

You can also use btrfs and ext4 but those aren't compatible with Windows or Macs and it won't auto mount.

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ext4 format will be OK, but it will not be automatically mounted. I had to edit /usr/sbin/ with valuable help from someone on the IRC channel to automatically mount it. Now it works and I can use SFTP to transfer or remove files from /run/user/100000/media/sdcard, even using Windows.

My after the changes is the following, but I cannot guarantee this is safe as I only did what I was told to. Please keep in mind that it might really result in issues with your Jolla, and here the warning is a true warning because I'm not a Linux power user.


DEF_UID=$(grep "^UID_MIN" /etc/login.defs |  tr -s " " | cut -d " " -f2)
DEF_GID=$(grep "^GID_MIN" /etc/login.defs |  tr -s " " | cut -d " " -f2)
DEVICEUSER=$(getent passwd $DEF_UID | sed 's/:.*//')

if [ "$ACTION" = "add" ]; then
        if [ -b /dev/mmcblk1p1 ]; then
                ln -sf /dev/mmcblk1p1 $SDCARD
        elif [ -b /dev/mmcblk1 ]; then
                ln -sf /dev/mmcblk1 $SDCARD
                exit $?
        su $DEVICEUSER -c "mkdir -p $MNT"
        mount $SDCARD $MNT -o uid=$DEF_UID,gid=$DEF_GID
        if [ -z $(mount | grep $MNT) ]; then
                # let's try 2nd time w/o options
                mount -o rw $SDCARD $MNT
                if [ $? = 0 ]; then
                        chown $DEF_UID:$DEF_GID $MNT
        umount $SDCARD

        if [ $? = 0 ]; then
                rm -f $SDCARD
                umount -l $MNT
                rm -f $SDCARD

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I formatted my card to btrfs and it works OK.

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exFAT works ok if you just compile these into the device
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Anyone tried to use samsung's driver?
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Note that FAT32 works just fine for Windows.

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i use samsung 64gb with fat32 and work very well. No Probs. i dont try it with exFAT/NTFS before, cant say if this working too

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Originally Posted by rainisto View Post
exFAT works ok if you just compile these into the device
Could someone please provide a rpm-package or a How-To for this?

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