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Originally Posted by gerbick View Post
Any particular reason or reasons?
common man it is android n thats enough, i must admit "Sailfish is better than android". i may be missing volte, some other features and some non working patches but i won't go back to android.
Sorry for my bad english.
goodbye sailfish os.
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Originally Posted by hardy_magnus View Post
common man it is android n thats enough, i must admit "Sailfish is better than android". i may be missing volte, some other features and some non working patches but i won't go back to android.
I thought you'd have particular reasons. I don't value Android or Sailfish over one another for a lot of my daily operations. If I want to browse the Internet, they're largely the same to me. If I want to respond to an email, same sentiment.

I think that a lot of deficiencies that have been pointed out have been rather specific, lack of a certain kind of shell, inability to install certain libraries, dependency on Google, dependency on a community, so forth - those are things that I was implying with my question.

I just never got behind any one of those mobile OS's like that to be honest and always curious as to why one is picked over the other. I have my reasons - I like Sailfish quite a lot but I find myself no longer a tinkerer or programmer so the use cases are far lesser than Android or iOS. But that depends on the applications I want, not the mobile OS.

Not disagreeing with your assessment at all btw. Was merely curious. Thanks for sharing.
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Originally Posted by gerbick View Post
Thanks for sharing.
Actually, i am using Nougat on Moto z and Jp1 side by side since last week and can share some tales of a sfos user.
Now i understand why Android users want large screens. The OS is forcing so much content to the screen, it irritates me.
Switching between apps is no fun, especially with stock launcher.
It is very hard to find certain apps in the loong shutter style taskmanager.
Switching to last app is solved convenietly by double tap on the taskmanager button though.
Also split screen is more usefull than i thought.
I found Nova launcher integrated some sfos goodness like swipe from bottom to open appgrid and always present notifications and emails via widgets on a seperate homescreen placed left of the main homescreen.
I get confused by having multiple homescreens, espacilly because the system adds shortcuts automatically and extends to multiple homescreens.
The top statusbar is awkward.
It needs two swipes to fully extend, the first swipe only reveals some selected indictors.

All in all, i leave my main sim in the jp1 because i find it much more joyfull to operate for phone and email tasks.

Obvious tasks i switched to moto z are browsing because of the nice screen and some service apps i moved from my now fully native jp1.
I tried gaming a bit (Real Racing) to appreciate the 820 soc and it is pure awesomeness but stoppd some days later... I am to old for this.
It is quite fascinating that mobilephones now give the same or even better gaming ux than when i stopped gaming on pc around 2003

The Gap between Sfos and android is smaller than i thought.
Honestly, before getting the moto z (for the kbd mod) i had a feeling of better not to try the forbidden fruit because it might be overwhelmingly sweet.
Now i can not wait until someone more capable than me makes the moto z (cm14) sfos portable.
The only thing i would loose if i ditch android again is the ability to test every android app i want, to find out i do not really need it.
And i would need some android layer for whatsapp sadly.

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