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I have just installed Kernel-Power Stable 53. Everything works fine apart from my Radio application. Precisely - it is CFM Radio. When I run this application there is no sound at all. Only in short intervals on the screen apears info on yellow bar that bluetooth is on. Can anybody tell me what is wrong.
Posts: 104 | Thanked: 44 times | Joined on May 2015
Additional information: as I wrote before - when I start radio application, information that bluetooth is on appears no yellow bar, but bluetooth is probably still off. But when after that I reboot my N900, on status bar in the upper part of the screen bluetooth is shown as on. Radio still does not work. Maybe this will help to solve my problem.
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Same with tiz problem, can anybody help us?
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I got this issuse too, but yestedey find solution. This problem probably with kernel module (radio-bcm2048.ko)
You need download it (attached) - this version i copied from my wife's N900 (my phone using Kernel Power-53, wife's choice CSSU-Thumb). After download it, follow these instruction:

1. Unpack archive radio-bcm2048.ko.gz
2. Copy radio-bcm2048.ko to N900 internal memory over USB and unplug N900 from PC
3. Go to Terminal on N900 and get root ("sudo gainroot" or "root")
-. Try load FM-module: modprobe /lib/modules/current/radio-bcm2048.ko (you get error, ignore it)
4. Backup existing module: "cp /lib/modules/current/radio-bcm2048.ko /lib/modules/current/radio-bcm2048.ko.bak"
5. Move working module: "mv /home/user/MyDocs/radio-bcm2048.ko /lib/modules/current/radio-bcm2048.ko"
-. Try load FM-module: modprobe /lib/modules/current/radio-bcm2048.ko (you get error again, ignore it)
6. Reboot and try FM radio.

My FM working with it; i don't sure with "-" strings need, but it worked for me.

PS. Sorry, my English awful (i speel Russian, i learn English by seeing films, Google translate and technical manuals). Hope i help you.
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