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Poll: Would You Buy a $200 Sailfish OS Device in North America
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Would You Buy a $200 Sailfish OS Device in North America

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Hello everyone, this is my first post but I have been lurking here for many years. I got my start with the Nokia N9, and I loved almost everything about it. Meego was so far ahead of its equivalent Android version it was astonishing. The community of developers here made sure that a niche phone with a end of life os had better app support than contemporary Windows Phones. The problem was the incredibly outdated internals. Therefore, when I saw the first Jolla I knew I needed to buy one. It was the N9 but better, the natural evolution of Meego mixed with modern hardware. The first Jolla never came to North America though. Nor did the Jolla C, and there aren't any partners here either. There are unofficial devices like the Nexus 5, however this is missing features like full Android support and apps like Jolla Maps. The Xperia X port might contain these features, but even if it does that device is expensive for what it offers, even used. And it likely will need to be flashed to Sailfish OS from Android, which is less convenient than booting right to Sailfish OS from the box.
What I am proposing is a mid-range $200 Sailfish OS device released in North America. This will be based off of an existing Chinese reference device, we plan to work directly with Jolla and the community to develop an official build of Sailfish OS for it. There are still many steps we need to take before the launch of such a device, but we are confident we can take them. What we need to know is this: Is the community interested in a device like this?

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