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Hello all,

I am trying to create a patch for this problem*:

Now I am facing with a very strange issue: the ngfd seems to caching the config from the events.d folder.

I have removed the sound.repeat = true line from the calendar.ini:

[root@Sailfish usr]# cat ./share/ngfd/events.d/calendar.ini
[calendar => play.mode=short]
sound.filename = fixme_file_missing.wav
ffmemless.effect = NGF_SHORT = event-in-call = x-meego-ringing-volume
sound.enabled.profile = calendar.alert.enabled => sound.enabled
haptic.type = alarm

[calendar => play.mode=*,context@call_state.mode=active]
sound.profile = sms_fg.alert.tone@general => sound.filename = event-in-call = sink-input-by-media-role:indicator-tone

sound.profile = calendar.alert.tone => sound.filename
sound.profile.fallback    = calendar.alert.tone@fallback => sound.filename
sound.enabled.profile = calendar.alert.enabled => sound.enabled
ffmemless.effect = NGF_SHORT = alarm-clock-elapsed = x-meego-ringing-volume = alarm = AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_SPEAKER
haptic.type = alarm
But the calendar alarms are still continous.
The QML component calls the ngf's Play method with the correct argument:
method call time=1496954881.110910 sender=:1.145 -> serial=24 path=/com/nokia/NonGraphicFeedback1;; member=Play
   string "calendar"
   array [
So I assume it should generate a single event.

What I did already:
  • restarted my device
  • killed and restarted the ngfd
  • created a new calendar alarm

Any hints would be welcomed!

*The patch should install a settings page for the Calendar which would be accessible from the Settings -> Apps -> Calendar.
The user could globally change the calendar notification behaviour to continous notification. This setting would be stored in DCONF.
The patch would create a separate config called continouscalendar.ini.
The jolla-alarm-ui would be modified to call the ngf's Play method with "calendar" or "contonouscalendar" arguments depending on the DCONF settings value.

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What about trying to change

sound.repeat = true


sound.repeat = false

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Just tried it, but it ignores it too.

The default file which was shipped by Jolla did not have this line.

The another strange thing is that it ignores my new continouscalendar.ini too.

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