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Just turn the phone OFF and then ON again to reboot.
And please try as rariss suggested to use wi-fi instead of O2 network.

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O2 apparently do not allow Skype use in their mobile network, i.e. via pay-as-you-go. You should have checked that beforehand. You have to use a WiFi connection if you want to use Skype.

You should also note, that the no-Skype policy applies to all phone manufacturers that have Skype calls on other carriers, only O2 can re-enable them.

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Thanks for all your help everyone, Yes i use wifi not the o2 service. rebooted it and now it works i am so pleased.
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Good that WiFi is a possibility for you.

I also found this: "“These unlimited data packages are designed to allow customers to browse the web and access data services such as email without worrying about a cost per MB. To offer the best possible customer experience, we prohibit continuous streaming of any audio/video content, Voice over IP, P2P and file sharing services, all of which can adversely impact the overall customer experience,” O2 also noted."
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Originally Posted by wongdong View Post
Do you seriously think that anyone can help you with that much detail?

Maybe your Skype account was cancelled or you spent all your credits, or you don't have an active internet connection or you forgot to go online or skype is down, or your account settings got messed up or, or or....
I disagree, this is NOT harsh. It is helpful to point out that, the more the details, the easier for people to help you. I think this forum overall are very helpful, and both posters, nikolajhendel and wongdong are trying to help, but with slightly different approach.

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When you are not sure where the problem is - reboot.
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I seem to have a different problem using skype on my n900.

I keep getting a "internet connection required" error message.

tried rebooting, tried logging onto a website and then tried to use skype. I have yet to try to create a new skype account.

Anyone had the same symptoms on their phone?

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Originally Posted by nikolajhendel View Post
why so harsh?

what is the exact symptom olivia? Sometimes skype acts up and will not login - helps to change status to offline - save - and then back to online.
Yeah sorry about that, i was pi**ed because after 6 weeks under repair, i got a replacement N900 where GSM and Radio does not work.

But yeah, Reboot and/or using a different account once usually does the trick...
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I have the same problem. After a few minutes I just get disconnected from the skype server. Everybody still appears online on my side for a few minutes.(10-15) but I'm offline in others lists. This also happens during calls. I've
thought it would be from other services (Gtalk, Yahoo), but Skype is the only one which gets network error. I've disable everything and still doesn't work. Actually it drops the call whenever it wants, I had calls of 1 minute and call of 20 minutes. All over Wlan.
To solve it, I disconnect from the WLAN and reconnect, and most of the times it solves it, but after 5 minutes I have to do it again, other times it doesn't work and I have to reboot in order to reuse skype. This happens with or without other IM services running, but skype is the only one with problems.
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decided to piggyback on this thread since OP's issue has been long since resolved.

my issue with skype pertains to skypeout in particular (from skype to phone)

problem: when making a skypeout call while connected to wifi at home, call gets disconnected every time other party picks up the call.

points to note:
router is apple time capsule
skypeout works when i login from my flatmate's icrap at home
skypeout works when on 3G
skypeout works over wifi when at my parent's place (linksys adsl2 modem/router)
skypeout doesnt work when changing router to netgear and setting n900 as dmz

cant try the linksys router at my place since it's a modem
can anyone offer some advice?


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