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I haven't done this (I only have N800s ), but I'd think adapters are cheap enough to be accounted disposable, so I'd solder the fingers to the microSD, then bend the whole thing up. But I do think your way is a very elegant hack -- and it requires neither solder nor skills therewith.

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Done it! I managed to mess it up the first time, so had to buy a new MicroSDHC card and adaptor. Luckily, 7dayshop had them reduced.

I didn't use the piece of blister packaging to seal the card up as it seemed too big for the slot on the 770. I got one of the guys where I work to solder the pins on and, once I'd made sure that the card still worked in a card reader of mine, I superglued everything together.

Don't forget that, if you're using an external card reader, you'll need to either cover the read/write switch gap on the side of the card or modify your card reader to ignore the switch. I did the latter - I can't remember the last time I actually used the read-write switch on the side of an SD card, and the reader was only 5.

Then, by using the 770 as a card reader alongside another card reader, I was able to copy the partitions across with gparted. I already had fanoush's SDHC kernel installed, but it was the 24Mhz version (for some reason the 48Mhz one seemed to crash more with my old 2GB MMC card). So, after installing the card, I upgraded to the 48Mhz version.

I'm really impressed with the speed difference. Maemo Mapper is so much faster than it was, and generally the tablet feels more responsive.

If only my 770 had an attached keyboard that isn't the touch-screen one, it would be a perfect unit. It's the only thing that makes me miss my Psion 3a.

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This seems the best alternative to rsmmc card i've found on this thread they talk about a sd/usb adapter to be used as a case :

Then let's go for deblet

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thanks for your usefull note. I have microSD memory that I want to mount it instead of a RSMMC. But I can't see images in your post!
would you please send your note with its images to my email?
thanks in advance.

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can this heck works on nokia n70

converter, microsd, n770, nokia n770, rsmmc

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