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Originally Posted by Stskeeps View Post

I've added nit-env-gnome-basic which uses gnome-core as base package. b-man: you're marked as maintainer of this as you found the needed packages, and you're welcome to build nit-env-gnome-full packages or -more-full or something if you so like (just indicate Depends: nit-env-gnome-basic) and I'll gladly commit then.

If you people run Deblet, to get this environment you can run upgrade_deblet from a root shell, apt-get dist-upgrade, apt-get install nit-env-gnome-basic

You may have to use update-alternatives --config x-session-manager to select GNOME - and reboot for the session to start up.

I've installed deblet with xfce4. And now, I'm installing Gnome (apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment), so I'll have both. I hope this time the sound work.

Yesterday I did the same but with KDE 3.5.9 too. The sound didn't worked for me in Gnome and KDE (Gnome says something about gstreamer plugin, it appears just like your screenshot), but in Xfce4 I was able to play a mp3 file with alsaplayer, the sound quality was low (it was playing kind of slow). Is it my installation or this is the way it works at the moment?
Also, the time is no the same, seems it's not being updated :S

Any suggestions/help?


EDIT: Ahh, I forgot to ask: just to confirm if it's possible to run the script used to update the repository using a chroot?
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Yes to the chroot question..

KDE and Gnome both have sound.. the default Gnome Sound Mixer does not work but using alsaplayer, GMPC, or Mpd will still produce sound.. at least for me. I get that same error in Gnome's mixer I just remove it - it's useless till I can figure out how to get it to talk to the esd/sound devices. But just because the mixer doesn't work doesn't mean sound doesn't work.. you just have to use the applications that do work with what sound we have available.

Also the System Sounds are disabled by default in Gnome.. you have to go into the properties and manually select "ALSA" as the input type and click on "Test".. you should hear sound.. however I never really got a gnome window to produce a "system" sound. But music worked.

So far, and by far, the best is MPD.
If I've helped you or you use any of my packages feel free to help me out.
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Oook, thank you. I'm now waiting for it to configure the packages. I'll make the changes to have sound
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I have installed debian by option ''nit-evn-x'' and successfully booted, how can I get connected to the wireless lan so that I can download the gnome and setup, very very thanks, I'm a newer.
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Have you tryed wifi-radar? - i use it all the time

Btw, i'd suggest installing gnome from a chroot in maemo, it makes the prosess a lot easer and safer.
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The Link of step 1 from the first post is broken! I am using 0.17testing11, anyone suggestions what puzzlepiece is missing? i am able to use netbeans in easy debian, but LXDE or XFCE is not working the way i try.
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stskeeps, what hapened to your website!!!
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I would love to try this but Stskeeps website seams to be down..
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Originally Posted by AlMehdi View Post
I would love to try this but Stskeeps website seams to be down..
On my opinion you should give easy-debian a try.
It's much easyer (!) to install and manage, since it allows you to use both environments, starting the new desktop manager as a maemo app. Moreover, if you want to free as much ram as possible (which is a good idea) you can install a script called "switch to LXDE" (or something like that) which shuts down the maemo desktop and some uneeded processes (am I right?) before running LXDE.
And yes, it's LXDE and not GNOME but trust me: it's more healthy for your tablet...

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