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Qole, thanks, but no luck. now it spread to Hildon side. Tried to load an app via xterm and got the same error message. I don't have a clue what this is about. Any ideas. TIA
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Qole on your next Easy debian will it solve the dreaded ' out of space ' error message. I would like to just place it on the mmc card and not worry about partitions. Mainly because to redo partitions would mean starting from scratch and I have way too many apps and custom stuff to do that. Well I can't wait for next version. I love being able to flip back and forth between Hildon and Debian.
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If something "spreads to the hildon side" then you know it isn't a problem with your Debian chroot. That sounds like a problem with environment settings; I get that problem when using "sudo" to run commands that use D-Bus.

As for the "out of space" problem, the only solution is... get more space!

I guess I should include the e2fsprogs package, so you can resize the image file with resize2fs... but as soon as you start doing that kind of stuff, you're out of "Easy Debian" territory. You might as well set up a partition with enough space.
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anyway to fix d-bus? In an earlier post I was trying to setup gparted to load from chroot without having to use command line in xterm everytime I reboot system. I got an error in dbus but it did not effect easy debian so I let it go.

Benson any ideas on how to fix dbus error. if anyone would know it wuld be benson.

Qole. I'm trying to understand partitioning for Easy Debian. I'm trying to undrstand these two posts. Can you help me. I want to add all the cool apps you guys are porting. I have about 4gb left on my mmc1 card and would like to use it for Easy Debian. I can repartition the external card but I'm confused as to how. I have qtparted, emelfm and gparted. I just don't know how to do it and the posts below lack explanation at my level in this area. In qtparted I can see that you can partition a particular card but I don't want to create a major disaster.


I finally after running into the "out of space" jazz again decided to try the resize2fs ordeal, and it worked!

Step by step (in case anyone needs more details)

* I opened up a Debian shell and copied /sbin/resize2fs over to /media/mmc1 and then under an OS2008 shell (as root) copied it from mmc1 over to OS2008's sbin. (and I think I had to chmod a+x resize2fs since the FAT SD killed the execute bit)
* I rebooted, since I am too lazy to ensure the image is properly unmounted.
* After rebooting, in an OS2008 shell (as root) I typed: "resize2fs /media/mmc1/debian.img.ext 1512M" - the 1512M can be changed, of course, to whatever your target size is.
* Afterwards, I ran "e2fsck -f /media/mmc1/debian.img.ext2" to ensure there were no errors in the file system (I found a few, but they were fixed).
* Install, install, install.

I just installed KDE4.1 to my easy debian chroot with ext3 partition and its a lot faster than i heard in Keblet thread.
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qole. this was the code I entered earlier for gparted that caused the problem with dbus.
mount -o bind /var/run/dbus/ /debian/var/run/dbus/
debian hildon gparted /dev/mmcblk0 /dev/mmcblk1
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I am still working on Cdeb2 (Witch is a chroot environment similar to easy-debian), witch i am allmost ready to release. The difference from my early release and my next release is that this new release will include image mount support (witch you wold have the option to change in cdeb2.conf, also i've changed it so all of the parameters are in the cdeb2.conf file and i am trying to make cdeb2 more flexible so you can use it with other os's other than Deblet or even Debian. Also, i am trying to make the components of cdeb2 "smarter"~ meaning that if it runs into enny problems, (mounting a rootfs or their is a missing file) it will try to find a different tactic to overcome the situation witch hopefuly makes it more user frendly. also, it will automaticly unmount deblet if you x out the window or if you type "exit", to prevent enny risk of damaging your os if you turned off the device. Also, if you happen to want to open cdeb2 more than once, cdeb2-startup-notify will automaticly know that cdeb2 is allrety in use and won't run cdeb2-startup-notify to make things snaper and you now have the option to run fsck on startup or not thrue the cdeb2.conf file and i am including a option for witch terminal you wold like to run Cdeb2 in (Roxterm or Xterm).

Those are most of the new features i am including in the next full release.

Also, here are some consepts i am thinking about doing:

* Cdeb2 daemon ~ To handle "outside proseses"- so if you are running Cdeb2 in more than one window and you x out of one, the original window doesn't get canceled out. (the new window doesn't unmount the rootfs leaving the original chroot window dangling without the rootfs rendering it usless.

* Cdeb2 in a GUI ~ (not relying on a terminal) i will look into this more when i get the "framework" complete.

If enyone has enny suggestions or questions, pleas ask.
I'm an advanced user and a bit of a modder.
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enhanced fedora port has been canceled in favor of NITDebian (TBA)

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Updated my OP regarding KDE3. The KDE4 packages in my repository will cause KDE3 to not install properly.

Install KDE3 before adding my repo.. or install what you want from mine and then remove my repo.

Or, deblet has a repository that has all of my packages excluding the KDE packages.. you can find more information about that over at the deblet site:
If I've helped you or you use any of my packages feel free to help me out.
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it seems repository is not working anymore

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If easy debian makes Java Applet work can someone go into and select any stock say msft and click on the interactive chart and see if it loads


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