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Hi all,

Wonder if anyone here can help. Peculiar story, here are the facts:

- USB port not operational (previous failed solder efforts[0] worked for a while then broke - ended up relying on battery swapping for last months)

- Phone stuck in reboot loop following:
- Removal of power-kernel and related packages (as suggested by autoremove following a mistaken removal of some python packages - <sadface />)

- A reboot after trying to unpack (while overclocked, if relevant) the latest Debian Jessie image to MyDocs
- Can't reflash due to no USB

- Micro-SD card stuck in read-only mode

Is it possible to reflash an N900 via Micro-SD? Would be more than happy to just reflash the kernel, but failing that it'd be great to boot a 'live' OS somehow and recover my data before reflashing completely.

[0] - [USB PORT] Solder job finally kills n900?
Posts: 9 | Thanked: 11 times | Joined on Sep 2014
I think this is my best bet to flash the N900 without a working USB port:


Where blackjack4it has managed to use the testpoints to create a new data port and flash (and later charge) his machine.

Battery charging is covered by the external charger, making the job that little bit easier.

Ideally I'd use a jig, but they must be hard to find nowadays.

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