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since PR1.1 it has been impossible to build a self-flashing custom kernel
as the tool fiasco-gen was missing (
Marcell Lengyel was kind enough to prerelease the binary which is supposed to be part of SDK1.1.1:

Now we can start building our own kernels again (also see

I think it could be a good idea to build a common community kernel
which contains all the modules we need and which the Nokia kernel misses.
Maybe we can convince Nokia to enable those modules in one of the next PRs.

Below you find a list of what I have enabled in my kernel.
What else would you like to see in the kernel?

For the latest information check the page

You can download my latest build which contains lots of extra modules and features
and which works fine on my N900 from extras-testing.

0. make the extras-testing catalogue is enabled
1. install the package "kernel-power-flasher" from App manager (section System) or using apt-get
2. reboot and enjoy.

* patched to, Nokia PR1.2 (!) and other bugfixes
* enabled additional modules for iptables (NAT,connection tracking, packet filtering), Wifi mesh,
IPv6 (incl. Mobile IPv6 , privacy, and ip6tables), QoS, hotspot fixes, IP tunneling,
device mapper+dmloop, crytoloop, builtin ext3 for booting from other media,
ext4, XFS, reiserfs, NTFS reading, ISO9660, UDF, CIFS, automounter, EFI partitions,
UTF8 codepages, mouse+joystick input, kernel config, cryptd, SHA256+512,blowfish,
USB 1.1+2.0+generic drivers,USB hubs,USB video+serial, USB/IP, kexec
and more...
(Note: The boot logo is disabled as framebuffer console seems to be broken)
The stock Nokia kernel already contains: FUSE, Bluetooth HID, NFSv4

If you want to revert to the original kernel, execute
apt-get install --reinstall kernel kernel-flasher
If the device is bricked for some reason you can simply reflash the kernel alone (assuming you have the current firmware)
flasher-3.5 -u -F RX-51_2009SE_3.2010.02-8_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin
sudo flasher-3.5 -f -k zImage -R
For USB/IP install the usbip package from the extras-devel repository.
modprobe vhci-hcd
before using usbip.
For iptables install the iptables package, for kexec the kexec-tools.

If you want to try USB/IP with the stock PR1.1 kernel (untested), download
to the kernel modules directory and run "depmod -a"

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BFS? (don't know if it works good on ARM, though)
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* framebuffer console for boot messages
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I already have built mine for the PS3 controller connectivity.
The only change is joystick and mouse modules support.
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NAT would be nice.

aufs has been said near "kernel" a lot, but I don't know much more than that.
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I am not sure if it's technically possible, but mounting squashfs for wikipedia dumps & realtime support for music producing would be very nice!
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The USB IP support would be very interesting to experiment with.
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Some of your suggestions require additional patches.
If you can send me patches for 2.6.28 I'd happy to add them to my build.

@spanner: fb console is already enabled
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+1 for usbip!

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I have my PR1.1 kernel now built with the new fiasco-gen.

Some info:

Install file for my repo:

Directory containing the actual kernel:

My live kernel scratchbox:


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