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The competition is over and we have our winners - thank you to everyone for taking part and making the competition a success!

Wiki page

Are you bored waiting for new games to be released for your n900? Is your forehead wrinkled stressing about the lack of applications in the extras repository? Does the emptiness of the Ovi store make you urinate in your sleep? And do you call out your mother's name when making love to your girlfriend because of step 4 of 5 disappointment and unrelated mental issues?

Well now YOU can change that, my friends! Introducing the first ever N900 Coding Competition!

If you are new to programming or want to learn, here's the excuse to finally make something. Anything. Particularly crap or stupid apps are particularly welcome, and I, in particular, will be particularly focusing on making such an stupid crappy app in particular.

Qt, PyQt, PyGTK, whatever language you like as long as it's functionally complete, runs safely and easily on the n900. Don't make a virus kthx.

Nokia are kindly inviting the six winners (winner of each category) to the MeeGo Conference 2010, in Dublin, Ireland! Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by Nokia. If the winner is unable to attend, a n900 can be offered in exchange.

In addition, we have a bounty to award the developer(s) of the best overall apps. How we split the bounty share will be decided by forum poll.

Bounty Roll of Honor is here

Please let me know if your name is missing from the bounty list, it means Ive forgotten to do it - let me know so I can credit you for your generosity

There are 6 main categories for submissions:

1. Desktop
2. System & Utilities
3. Games
4. Graphics & Multimedia
5. Location & Navigation
6. Other

The winning application(s) will be decided by forum poll after the closing date of July 21st, 2010. Good luck and most of all have fun!

New to n900 development?
The development wiki is a great place to start, it contains lots of code examples and development guides. Don't forget this thread is on the 'Developer' section here on, there's plenty of posts in here for us newbs to get started. Whatever your development platform of choice (Qt, Python, etc) you'll find something to get you started. This thread is a great place to start and will have you coding your first app in minutes Windows Python and Qt in 30 mins, and here's a link to a tutorial from There's also more great wiki links in this recent thread What do I need to start developing applications?. The key is to get started, and dont be afraid to ask questions. Beginners are definitely welcome in this comp, even the crumbiest "Hello World." Great oaks from little acorns grow..

This is a professional competition, and no expense has been spared to create the following soul stirring poster.

Entrants can join at any time, please show your interest by signing in below

[News, 21 May 2010] Due to unexpected interest we're extending the comp by another month, the new end date is July 21st, 2010.

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Well I guess I'm entrant number 1. Im new to n900 development, so I'll no doubt be developing competition filler quality apps with something python based, probably PyQt.
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Definitely interested. This is just the thing to get me off my *** and finish an app. I have a particularly useless one in mind...
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Here is an idea for a cool app i taught off! Dont have the expertise to do it myself but maybe someone else here does!!
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Originally Posted by DarkFulgore View Post
Here is an idea for a cool app i taught off! Dont have the expertise to do it myself but maybe someone else here does!!
I wrote something similar.

Totally useless, however, as it was just a little exercise in EAL for shits-'n'-giggles so there was no point in me putting anything out there. I also think the fact that widgets don't support input on the desktop doesn't help... (Is it fixed in PR 1.2?)
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I'm interested but don't have very many ideas. It would be helpful to post links to wiki/tmo topics aimed at beginners for people like me who know and want to develop but just not how to do so on the maemo platform.
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How can I donate money to the prize? Paypal?
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Clever idea :-)

I'll be joining with an idea I came up with today. Make a nice wiki page with some details, participants etc!
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Definitely interested
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great idea
i'll add $50
liqbase sketching the future.
like what i say? hit the Thanks, thanks!

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