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I have just recieved mine. Wiki has been updated accordingly.

Thanks @qgil and @Nokia for everything!

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Got device, updated wiki
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The eagle has landed, wiki updated accordingly.
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Sorry, forgot to update the wiki. I received the device a few days ago, thanks! It's not passed QA yet, they just rejected it because my support website is "invalid", probably because I didn't write anything about Conky on it yet. I've fixed that and hoping they don't reject it again
I'll update the wiki again when its approved.
The repackaged deb is avalable here for now.

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Originally Posted by EmaNymton View Post
I don't want to annoy you, qgil, and can wait for the device, but I'll be away on vacation next friday for two weeks. I don't know, if you are included in the delivery process, but if it's not possible to send the device till friday, I ask for a delay for two weeks.

I would have sent you this request via mail, but I think your answer might be interesting for others, so I post it here.

Thank you for your efforts!
@qgil: I'm back from vacation, did you delay the delivery? I'm still waiting for the device and get no answer from you to my post two weeks before.
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Received the N9 here in Brazil. Updated the Wiki.

Thanks for this iniative.
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N950 received in Colombia! Thanks for this qgil!
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