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Ok. Finally I found some free time in order to fulfill my promise. Cause I know, all U love this things.
Here's another variation of Nokia's Cancelled "Meltemi" Phone - Clipper. Now this is RM-792. It's HWiD: 0240 and this Unit have Led Flash, in contrast to my RM-792 B1 HWiD: 0104. OS build is more stable and smoother than on RM-792 B1 HWiD: 0104. Matte Black colour is also looks really nice. So, here are some pics.

Looking for Nokia Prototypes based on Symbian/Meltemi/MeeGo/Maemo/WindowsPhone. Feel Free to PM or E-Mail Me:

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What is the resolution of the screen?
Adrian Filgueira, @hariainm
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Official Whatsapp client???!

Is that the java client... or....!?
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no sd content like the other two ? and some pics for whatsapp running please
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Where do you find this amazing prototype? *_*

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Can you post photos of Journal?
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Originally Posted by Mau97 View Post
Where do you find this amazing prototype? *_*
Probably in the drawer of his desk

Enough time has passed now that Elop's ex-ops team won't kick down his door.

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