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All of that went through my mind before I ordered my n900 too..

In the end I figured that I don't know a thing about the next device & I didn''t want to wait all that time to find out that it doesn't have a keyboard or something similar so I just went ahead and ordered it

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I love the phone, but as I sad previously, I'm a student, and you all know how it is when you're a student (very low on finance), but I saved money for a new laptop, but in the meanwhile I don't need one anymore (I've got a nice workstation at the university), so now I just think this would be much better for mobility (I commute every weekend and most of my projects are in the field, so again lots of time wasted moving).

I'm still in the doubt, especially since I've read about that usb port problem which I still don't know if they have fixed it (right now I'm waiting for my new carrier to get restock on N900 so I think they should have fixed it )
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Originally Posted by emeni View Post
I want to buy an n900 but I'm not sure I should. I hear a lot about the Maemo6/MeeGo and a new device based on scheduled for Q2 this year.
There is another thread addressing exactly your concerns:
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Originally Posted by Jack6428 View Post
well, the N900 starts selling here where i live around the 15th October..Summit is 11th? So i will know in time... but in the worst case that Maemo 6 wont be for the N900...does it matter that much? I mean, what could possibly Maemo 6 add/have that 5 doesn't?
I think the updates for the N900 will enhance the experience alot..
You need to have a look at a program u can download to the n900. It shows general information on the maemo 6 apps and some of its features. It also gives screen preview of what it 'may' look like. The one majour change for users will be portraid mopde and added apps that can be uised between both systems. You need to look into it more before you judge it. J

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