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Hi there,

I've been lurking the site since n900 was announced but this is my first post, yay!

And here's the question: is it known whether the harmattan release will be officially supported on the n900?
Haven't found anything on it after searching for a while, and it would be a nice thing to know.

See ya!

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No official word on that yet. Note that we don't know what Harmattan will bring hardware-wise, which might very well influence that decision.

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Pending some major hardare changes which bring some incompatibilities (like the switch to OMAP3 in Fremantle from Diable based hardware), the mlve to QT softwarewise should not be an issue in Harmattan running on N900.

But this is just an unofficial community take on Harmattan move.

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Thanks for your answers.

I think someone from Nokia should state their position on this before the device is released. I know they are going to talk about Harmattan at Maemo Summit, but that's too late.
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it will all depend on how long it will take before the switchover happens, and how much nokia feels the pressure to get new hardware sales going.

the more nokia feels the need to do some major hardware bump before we hear anything about harmattan (remember, N900/fremantle is not yet out there for people to use, so its at least a year away) the likelier it will be that there will be no harmattan for N900.
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This question was asked in the interview with Dr. Ari Jaaksi and he said they really dont know!

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what is harmattan bring to the table that maemo 5 doesnt already do...

i really just thought the aim for that was more towards the older tablets since the hardware was dated in comparison to the n900
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well, the N900 starts selling here where i live around the 15th October..Summit is 11th? So i will know in time... but in the worst case that Maemo 6 wont be for the N900...does it matter that much? I mean, what could possibly Maemo 6 add/have that 5 doesn't?
I think the updates for the N900 will enhance the experience alot..
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The main difference with Maemo 6 will be that it uses QT (instead of GTK+) by default. I would guess that wouldn't require new hardware (although I'm sure new hardware will appear at the same time), but who knows.

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I think maemo 6 will be a more main stream version with carrier subsidies and other lock ins. Of course all the features will be updated without any major bugs wheras now we will have a significant number of bugs.

I would say the n900 will have more value than maemo 6 just for geeks.

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