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ok so what features would you guys like to see added to the N900?
for me:
potriat throughout
video recording iproved to 30fps rather than 25...
i do believe the n900 has auto video focus....which can make
certain videos blurred a rather if this was removed....

please add your thoughts/suggestions....thanks
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as in fw updates? ...

all the known bugs
portrait mode
better ovi map version! i love 3.0 on my n95
equalizer for music (im sure it will be develop sooner or later )
better icons

that's all i can think for now
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For me, Portrait mode is a must. Also de Ovi Maps 3 port, and maybe a way to create shortctus with the camera and volume keys
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What i want to be added to my n900:
A possibility to disable automatic add of email address in my contacts for everyone where i manually type in a email address. it pop-up in my contacts as "" very anoying feature! it poluts my contacts.

Second i wand a portrait mode for applications.
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I miss the possibility to add additional packet connections (with different APN's). Our company has an own APN to connect direct into the company network. But this connections than should be excluded from the autoconnect.

Configurable application menue with subfolders.
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Remote control.
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This crossed my mind: would it not be nice to mis use the ir/da port as a universal remote, like the expensive logitec ones?
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First of all, if you write a post like this, chances are that nobody from Nokia will see it. If you have concrete, specific suggestions, then the Maemo Community Brainstorm site is the place to go.
Please pay attention to the emphasized words above - anything else just pollutes the list.
- Add an Equalizer to the Media Player (concrete and possible)
- Add option to disable automatic addition of contacts (use-cases help)
- Fix all bugs (Not possible - everything has bugs. If a specific one annoys you, then file a report at (after first checking to make sure it hasn't been filed already))
- Better icons (Subjective and not concrete)

Also realize that programming and design work is a lot more complicated and time-consuming than you might think if you haven't done it, and often there are technical constraints. Thus, things like "increase frame rate of video capture" is probably either not possible, or was done for a good reason. Things like "add portrait mode for all apps" fall in the bad category too - good user interface design isn't easy, and trying to make an app useful in portrait mode as well as landscape isn't always possible or practical. If an app has a strong use-case for portrait mode, then the developer might look into it, but it's not as simple as just "enabling" the feature -- e.g. it should be technically possible to manually rotate the screen, but if the app isn't set up for it, it will probably just break the interface.
Feel free to make suggestions, but please keep this in mind, and -- especially -- if a developer tells you it isn't going to fly, then don't push it... these people are giving away software that they put a lot of effort into, after all.

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Originally Posted by Wimmert View Post
This crossed my mind: would it not be nice to mis use the ir/da port as a universal remote, like the expensive logitec ones?
It's possible, although I haven't tried it. Also, it's not IrDA per se; it's only a transmitter, not a receiver.
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Three things that would make it ideal work phone for me:
Juniper VPN-SSL client
Better integration with Exchange 2007 (EWS, ideally by adding NTLMv2 to Qt )
Video on SIP/Skype calls

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