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I think that the PR1.3 which will be released following PR1.2 around October time. I hope they put more effort into this release as I think many owners will feel extremely deflated after the anticipation of PR1.2 only to be let down.....
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Really? A PR 1.3 thread. Really?
I ever tell you about the time......

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I dont think people will care about PR1.whatever as soon as meego comes out, most people will migrate to that and stay there. All will look forward with a happy future knowing updates will be out every 6 months.
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We may shoot straight to 2.0 or .... be left on 1.1.1
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Please add a ton of stupid tags to this thread

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I feel this thread should be moved to off topic or general.
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Move to off topic or general...Why? Current active viewers 68 shows the utmost interest of this thread!

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i just want 1.2 so i can update my app manager properly
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I think the PR 1.2 thread should merged into this one ASAP as there are dozens of relevant thingies in there that most certainly belongs here once the PR 1.2 fails to be the holy grail of all firmware upgrades ever. No need to type them all over again with a clever bit of proactive forum mordredation.

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Aaaah and I was hoping we could just change the 2 in "Speculation about the next firmware (PR1.2) and its release date" to a three and thereby track the ups and downs (mostly downs) forever

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