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As With Shadowdog, i Get version number for maps data in the "About" screen of "Maps". Is There a Fix For This? I'm Not Using ovi, I've Changed .conf To Here... Thanks

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I have the same problem and cross posted at

It looks like the phone tried to download a new map catalogue and failed. My guess is that the URL changed, or the server is offline. I have been having this issue for about a week now.

Restoring an old catalogue will again give you the old list of maps, but downloading does not work for me, again presumably because the server is offline.
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Unfortunately it would now appear that "" has eventually been shut down within last few weeks. German car manufacturing consortium which bought HERE must have eventually decided that enough is enough.

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Thanks for the heads-up, I figured so much.

This is very inconvenient, no longer having any sort of maps on the phone. Maybe the community could collect the map archives from users? People are bound to have downloaded a large part of the files, we would just need to make them available again.
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perhaps @schturman kan change his app

to this URL
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Originally Posted by nieldk View Post
to this URL
There is just the index file, but no map/voice zip packages. Or am I missing something?
Are there any other mirrors?

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Hi, I'm building my own website for Nokia N9 and more, on my NAS for permanent storage. I try to save as much as possible but the maps are a problem. If anyone has access to all maps, I would be happy if they can share them.
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I have mirrored all maps on some hdd. Not sure about voices, but at least I have mirror or polish/english.
And about apps/games I strongly believe I have the most complete mirror of full versions (including rare stuff like OBD Auto Doctor Pro, Nokia Car with Mirrorlink, etc). I was unable to find 3-5 debs generally and never cracked FM Radio successfully(I bought it, but wanted to move to other N9s I bought after store closure).
I've mirrored multiple n9 archives in the past, so there are many dupes, etc needed to be cleaned up before uploading. I hope I wil buy some 12-14TB drives to move data from many smaller drives and organize/dedup it as one big categorized archive.
But don't worry, I will never delete anything n9 related!

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Whilst further map data can be added to a device which was setup before map servers were turned off in June 2018, as far as I can see there is no way to re-commission a device after reset or re-flashing firmware since always required a few mb's of map data to be downloaded to initiate.

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