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Just to save a bit of time by bringing together available resources, although this is essential reading:

When you are ready to dig a bit deeper have a look at:

If device has been left untouched for too long may need to revive battery via Harmattan flasher:

1) Flashing if needed, have a look here for firmware: and here is source of Harmattan flasher:

2) Upon N9 open Settings/Applications/Installations, and enable the option 'Allow installations from Non-Store sources'.

3) Point N9 browser to this link to disable Nokia repositories after installation:

4) Enable Developer Mode in Settings > Security which should install Terminal and SDK-Connectivity-Tool

5) Install N9QTweak:

6) Redirect to via entry in hosts file:

7) Disable Nokia account prompt when SIM in place:

8) Bypassing Nokia account requirement in Maps & Drive:

Bear in mind that while map data (2015) can still be downloaded via WLAN connection in Maps > Manage maps, in Drive you can no longer download navigation voices which would have to be installed manually. Map data can also be found for manual installation here:

For any Mac users you do need to use recursive command in Terminal to combine regions/states for manual installation of mapping data. Unfortunately this tutorial can no longer be brought up to date due to lack of sufficient privileges, but gives the idea:

Delving deeper remember that commonly used apps such as GPSMeeFo require you to reset date upon N9 to 2015 for installation and Coderus trusted Harmattan repository can be essential to track down missing dependencies when say installing BtInput app:

At this point if not before you should install coderus aegis installer hack either via or through N9QTweak Tweak EE > 2 (Coderus Aegis-install) to allow installation of apps. via
HTML Code:
aegis-dpkg -i
Emojifix - after installation of harmoji_0.6.6_armel.deb need to install ibsms-utils0_0.5.17.3+0m7_armel.deb and libsms-utils0_0.5.17.3+0m7_armel-mod.deb from here via Terminal:

Here is example of installing btinput where Warehouse seems to fail locating repository so dependencies have to be sourced manually:

Make text size larger in Messaging, tutorial in use of feature in N9QTweak:https://nokiaindependent.wordpress.c...ssages-app-n9/

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Aspergerguy, I love you man, you're always there on forums i'm looking up with sincere and helpful replies (lots on

Because you're the dude for meego and symbian, pretty much a Nokia guru, I got this to ask you: what's better for security conscientiousness of the aforementioned two?

while writing this, i'm not wearing a tin foil helmet, though I try to be security minded. Someone (probably some-many) wrote they use symbian because it wasn't compatible with a cloud-based interconnectivity--i'm with that.does symbian actually provide the security this person spoke of? Is meego any better/worse in this respect?

My dilemma is that I love the n9, but it doesn't love me. On the other hand, I really like my 701 and it really likes me (if it's battery were better, it'd love me). What i'm getting at is that i'm currently using the 701 because it's exceptionally okay, but it's got no pizzazz, no flair, no spunk. Contrarily, the n9 has character, vigor, and actually potential (meego is open and living), but idk about it's faults, viz. inability to flash, constant battery hiccups, map funk, security uncertainty, etc.

Can you sway me one way our another?

P.S. Congrats on post 420 #LitLightLut

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Congratulations and thanks to all but specially to aspergerguy that helps keeping N9 alive

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Originally Posted by AdaBwana View Post
Can you sway me one way our another?
Not really as old school and not dependent upon the likes of WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook

Let's just say I still carry an 808 for it's camera which can still upload to One Drive and Xperia X running Sailfish which will probably have a depleted battery before end of the day.

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harmattan, nokia n9

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