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I've just found the Termux and Termux:API apps in Google Play and I thought I'd point them out because they add some interesting goodness to your Android 5.0+ device (root not required).

Once you've installed Termux you can open it and run:
$ apt install python
to install Python 3.5. I think Ruby, Lua and others are also available.

Installing Termux:API gives you CLI utilities with the ability to access device capabilities like camera, gps, sms, etc... I haven't tested it yet but I think you should be able to access these from your Python scripts using subprocess / shlex.

Both of the above are free and there's an additional modestly priced app, Termux:Widget, that adds a widget to your homescreen that you can use to provide shortcuts to your scripts.

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Nice! I usually use JuiceSSH to SSH into my linux box and do stuff there.. But this is nice too!

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