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Catbus... I love snow

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4 robthebold. Although my love for old machinery might have influenced decision

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3. catbus

From me out of competition. In November I dropped Xperia Z3C and broke protective glass. In 11 of January I got new from aliexpress and change it

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Well it's February 1st or later, so I'll tally the votes.

Looks like we all went for a juxtaposition of old and new things this time.

#3. catbus: 5 votes
robthebold, shanttu, Akkumaru, tommo, mihsun

#4. robthebold: 7 votes
pichlo, saponga, imaginaryenemy, paolo_3_1415926, catbus, spfoo, briest

Assuming I counted up right, I guess it's yours truly. Thanks, everyone.

(New theme arriving presently. Let's see, it's February. The month of Valentine's Day in many places. The midpoint of Northern hemisphere winter is tomorrowish. Two (admired) US presidents were born in the month.)

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