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I saw this AKKU KING Bl-5j

Do you know this battery brand for N900? Maybe its a good option..

EDIT: Polarcell and AKKU company are related?

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Has anyone tried the Andida High Capacity battery:
or this
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Originally Posted by jurop88 View Post
Recently bought a new battery for my N900 [...] Battery is Patona from Amazon, last measured discharge = 1537mA [...] Let's see now for how much time the battery will keep this performance...
Bump after almost three months of daily usage, often more than one charge per day specially when I need to Skype a lot. Today I recalibrated the TI battery chip, last measured discharge = 1486mA.
Overall quite a good battery until now and /me still very happy.

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After about five years of Mugen/double BL-5J use I have begun to suspect that the flex of badly sized double-scud setups is what has killed several of my N900s with the red slashed SIM of death failure AKA dead SIM card reader.
I am back to usinga regular battery and cover as this is my last fully functional N900.
A double scud too loose and I have constant shutdowns form the smallest tap or carry in my pocket, too tight and it rips the sim reader loose, in between and both happen over time....

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