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I love the smell of rotten fish in the morning. Surrounding the titan arum are mature Sansevieria for a sense of scale. Taken with a Jolla phone:

A sight, and smell, to behold.

Bonus pic:
Wow! What do they call it, Audrey 3?

It took me a while to figure out that the hanging easel-thing was a mirror, and then a little bit more thinking to finally realize that it's there so a normal-stature human can see into that frightening blossom.

Really cool pictures, thanks.

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Finally, springs finest nuts are sweet and ripe
Taken with Moto Z

Voting will start around 28th 21:00 and last until winner will be declared on 31st ~22:00.

Sunny weekend ahead!? Do not forget to snap some spring and post!

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