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Arrrgh, the OEM browser is really starting to get to me. Takes a long time to load pages (Adblock is disabled, Flashblock enabled, "fit width to view" turned off), then when you think the page has fully loaded (nothing more on the progress bar, wait up to 30 seconds) and you go to move the page.. MORE loading.

And then you try and scroll...OMG! Every time i try and scroll makes me want to go and join Steve's fanboys.

Scroll, read, try to scroll, highlight, tap, try to scroll, highlight, tap tap, try to scroll, highlight, tap tap tap tap tap, scroll, read, try to scroll, highlight, tap, try to scroll, highlight, tap tap, try to scroll, highlight, tap tap tap tap tap, Use the slider bar, wheeeeee 1/2 way down the page in .05 seconds.

And god forbid you touch a flash frame or anywhere near a link frame while trying desperately to scroll, then you either have to wait for the page to load all the flash you didn't actually want, or jump to another page you didn't ask for.

So where do i stand? Are there 'tweaks' for the browser to make my life less miserable? Or has Fennec been improved since the last time i tried it? Will Opera's new touch browser be ported for Maemo ()?
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Tear or webkit-eal.

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Uninstall flashblock and adblock. Just disable it isn't suffice.
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i haven't done any real tweaking of the default browser, I still have adbllock and flash. I don't find it as bad as described. but it still is slow.

Tear on the it is way faster, responsive, scrolling is quick. handles pretty much everything I've tried with it.
if you haven't already...check it out, you'll be happier.
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how on earth do you try to scroll?! why would you be even able to accidentally select/click/... while dragging the scrollbar?
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I scroll with the down button, held down not tapped, and the space bar / shift space bar?
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yeah adblock and flashblock make the browser very slow and unusable.

Uninstall them and you will see a significant improvement.
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^^ those suggestions. Or Fennec, once its ready. Its probably still too slow for now.
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What you want. what you really want is this grasemonkey script
inline_blocker . it blockes all code that is run ofter onScroll. most of this code is just horrid java script to inform your masters you have fliped a page. also you can prevent onExit code from running. there is no reason you want java script to run when you leave a page.
java script timeouts can set in about:config
a search will show you how to change the d-pad behavior form scroll to page down
do i see a wiki page with browser tweeks evolving
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You should join Steve's Fanboys anyway!!!!!



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