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Hi folks,

Since this forum has a lot of technical knowledge you may be able to help or give pointers on an issue I'm having.

I have a Nokia 515 feature phone that's been living in a drawer for over 12 months.
After bringing it out of mothballs, charging it up and sticking in a new SIM I note that while I can set the date and time the phone stays stuck on the time and date which is set. It doesn't progress forward minute by minute as expected.

A number of apps on the phone prompt me to set the time when first accessed and they proceed merrily but the time itself never moves forward. The stopwatch feature and timer functions do work however.

It would seem that some component of the phone has broken but I've no idea what. Does anyone know technically how nokia non-smartphones track time and if this issue is repairable?
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A wild speculation: maybe the real time uses some kind of RTC chip with a backup battery that died? But such things usually result in the time being reset after a power cycle, but once powered up, the time should start moving again until the next power cycle. Your case is a bit different.
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Yeah, I was looking at disassembly videos and saw something that looked like a battery to me.

From 3.42 in this video ->

I don't know if it actually is a battery or not though.

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