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Will be possible to run in 770,because I need a program like fusion agenda or outlook to place meeting etc.
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If I omit the fact that OO is too power hungry for this device, OpenOffice also has no Outlook equivalent. Small application like GPE contacts and calandar are being ported to maemo, but the are somewhat buggy at this moment.
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openoffice use java and jvm is not yet on maemo (and openoffice is a very big application !)
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Don't think about putting software on the thing. It is not made for that.
read this: or this :
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The Nokia 770 is really made and designed for putting additional software on it, there are a lot of usefull applications that are (like gaim) or will be ported to Nokia 770, or that will be written from scratch.

But I think still a lot of people have to understand that the Nokia 770 is indeed an Internet Tablet, not a portable pc with big amount of memory, huge harddisk, etc.

For writing documents in OpenOffice, I still prefer my desktop or portable pc ! Reviewing those documents is possible using the Nokia 770, using the pdf viewer (since OpenOffice can convert all documents to pdf it should be no problem at all).

Cheers, Jan
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I dont need all open in 770 just a program to take control all meeting,contacts,like fusion in PPC or Outlook in Windows,someone knows any program to do that?
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Look at GPE PIM Suite in
I am using the contacts application an it works fairly well. (has some minor quirks, like entering birthday does not work but I am sure it will be improved soon.)
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Originally Posted by JPB
Don't think about putting software on the thing. It is not made for that.
From your other post, I'm reading this as meaning that webapps are designed for a device like this, with WiFi, no disk storage and (at least as configured from Nokia) little memory.

That's a good point to keep in mind. OTOH, I think a key factor in its appeal is the all the GTK+ software that can be and is being ported to it.

But there's a difference between wanting to put all and every kind of software on this device and being free to put any kind of software on it -- in your other post, you bring this out when you say "If you don't have a computer at home the Nokia 770 can't cover all your needs."

Tryky wants PIM software, and there's some there, GPE-PIM. Someone else wants word processing (to read Word documents, say) and AbiWord is there. I want a few games for my kids to play in the car on a trip, and they're there. Already. And lest your statement add any confusion, adding a few apps is completely within the capabilities of this device.
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RogerS - Sorry if I was so direct, it is just my enthousiasm.
But see it like this; I go and buy a car and then I start increasing the engine and trunk size and load it with a few ton of goods. Of course you can do that - And the car will still drive, but wouldn't it be better to buy a truck?

The tablet comes only with 65Mb - Has all the software you need to surf (Browser, PDF, RSS) but no calendar or contact management. Why would Nokia overlook such an important issue. It is not a traditional PDA or small laptop.
I believe (but that's me) that desktop software will move to the net see this
Find a whole list here :
Contact Management you can do with - Writing you do more efficient now in writeboards.

Of course you can pop in a 1 GB card and load it with movies or software but I believe that it is not made for that, there a better other solutions for that.

But of course I can not criticize people that hang a house behind their car as 50% of the dutch people do in the summer ;-)
For them it is fun !
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The thing is you just need to be sensible about it. AbiWord and some games should be able to be installed and you should still have it perform to a decent level. As long as you choose lite apps and make shore they don't run in the background consuming resources you should be able to get away with it.

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