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... doesn't standby.

As far as I can tell, all that happens is that the screen is locked and the backlight turned off.

I discovered this by accident when I connected mine to my laptop with the cover on and the USB connection started as normal.
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You're right. It's got great power management - dyntick is part of it, and sleeps the processor for short durations when it's not needed. Why halt the CPU when the power difference is so minimal? Few other systems have this implemented so well.

This also means it's easy to hack the thing to keep bluetooth and/or wifi live when closing the lid - and the impact on power consumption isn't all that high, unlike other devices that, if you prevent sleep, drain the battery really quickly.
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I'm coming to the conclusion that there's been a lot of thought put into this device, particularly at the hardware level. Nokia being a phone manufacturer have always had an interest in maximising standby time and minimising power usage and we're seeing that in the 770.
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In my opinion, there has been put lots of thinking into the device overall. Hardware buttons for fullscreen, zoom (working in most apps), or a hardware button to task switching. it's a pelasure to work with this device

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