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My candidate declaration email has now been approved.

Originally Posted by wicket View Post
mike727 also put himself in the mix. Does he have enough karma? Is he too late? I'm concerned that a council of 3 might be spread a little thin, especially if a councillor later withdraws (which has happened before) or is later unable to dedicate as much free time to the council.
I have to admit I missed @mike727's announcement. Unfortunately he's just tad short the Karma requirement, as he has 73 points and 100 is the cutoff limit.

However he's welcome to run next term, as I am confident he'll have the required Karma by then

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My repeated concerns about a council of just 3 seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

Right now I am in between jobs. Whilst I'm not job hunting, the rest of my time is mostly spent on a technical article I am writing, I am also researching, planning and developing my DebiaN900 successor and figuring out how I might be able to make a living from it. If I get a job offer and choose to accept it, the time I would be able to dedicate to the council would be drastically reduced. Some councillors have previously had to reduce their contribution without causing too much impact and I thought I might be able to do the same should the situation arise. On a council of 3 however, I would hate to do that and leave all of the work to just the 2 remaining members. Also, I am on UTC -5 and the other three candidates are located in Europe. I think it would be difficult to find a suitable time for council meetings if I am in full-time employment.

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to withdraw my candidacy. I realise the disruption that this causes and that the elections cannot now go ahead until another candidate is found. I am very sorry for that but I believe that it is better that I withdraw now than at a later date which would be potentially be much more problematic.
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