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The old battery is what I was talking about, and thanks that clears it up. lol
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Originally Posted by buurmas View Post
It is, as long as you work around the design flaw. If you just pop it into your Internet Tablet, it might not have a good enough connection to the leads & your tablet might not turn on at all or might suddenly turn off when you don't want it to. Luckily, there is an easy solution. You have to wedge something into the opposite end to push the connectors together harder. The way I created my shim was to cut pieces off a plastic card (e.g., a credit card offer in the mail) that I no longer needed. Search the forums here for more info, but that's the basic idea.
So it is a design flaw and not a one-off defect.

If the shim isn't wide enough, it will turn off as you say; ~1mm thickness works here with a very tight fit.
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Hi, I'm curious of the exact procedure in updating my OS on windows, what do I need to do?
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^ Already posted and answered in this thread.

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