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Hello fellows,
I will not speak of burgers.. Of course the subject is N900.

In 2017 my N900 rocks and is almost my primary phone, camera, linux box, ssh device, music player, notes, etc.. Maybe the camera lacks a bit, but because some humidity/dust filtrations..

Coming to the thread: the main weak point for a suck intense usage is the battery. I am working on wireless and solar charging to do not wear much the USB connector and to increase the phone day availability.

BUT, I would explore the possibility to increase/double/triple the battery.

This thread is for hardware gurus such as Estel or dr_frost_dk..

I checkout their contribution and look also the entire forum, but at the moment seems there are no currently available options (like mugen cover, it is no longer sold).

The question for the community is, somebody know some option/suggestion/websites/vendors/3D printing schematic to achieve the "extended battery" purpose?

Thank you all.

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