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I don't. But since US telecoms deploy a breathtaking patchwork of LTE bands specific to North America where the required band may differ from region to region even on the same provider, I am hoping not to do anything to break compatibility or degrade performance in accessing my provider's network.

P.S. Most of the community doesn't live in the US. Which is why I am asking for the experiences of our American community members if there are US-specific issues we need to watch out for
The concern is real what with what seems to be standards followed by the United States of America (with Canada and Mexico in tow plus maybe a few other nations) and The Rest of the World in regards to many things like vehicle safety and emissions standards, electricity generation, product safety standards, and radio-magnetic frequency utilization.

There have been no reports of issues with Sailfish X connections in the USA using the community recommended firmware.

Fun fact: The original Jolla works in Canada (some regions like Toronto and Montreal and some carriers like Rogers and Videotron) with 2G for voice and 4G for data. No 3G. The switching from 4G to 3G (oops, no 3G, let's look on 2G) to 2G takes ages so by the time the device switches through a decade-and-a-half of network technology the network has already given up and either the attempt to call is dropped or the incoming call is redirected to voicemail. But it otherwise works if the switching is done pre-emptively and manually.

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I appreciate the response. I will go ahead and try the linux install using the recommended files.

Regarding US standards: it's frustrating that Jolla does not put in more (i.e., any) effort in the North American market. But I can't say I blame them with our different telecommunications standards and requirements. The carrier-centric model of phone purchasing in the USA (Americans are used to buying their phones subsidized in conjunction with a phone service contract) makes it difficult for phones to make headway in this market without carrier partnership. Sadly, it is what it is.

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